Dental Benefits

Jackson Family Wines is pleased to offer dental coverage through Delta Dental. You are not required to choose a Delta Dental PPO network dentist, but when you do, you will have lower out-of-pocket costs. Reimbursement is based on PPO contracted fees for PPO dentists, Premier contracted fees for Premier dentists and program allowance for non-Delta Dental dentists.

Delta Dental PPO

BenefitIn-Network Out-of-Network
Annual Deductible $50 Individual/$150 Family $50 Individual/$150 Family
Annual Benefit Maximum $2,000 per person $1,500 per person
Diagnostic & Preventive Care Covered at 100% (deductible waived) Covered at 100% (deductible waived)
Basic Care 10% after deductible 20% after deductible
Major Care 40% after deductible 50% after deductible
Orthodontics (children & adults)
(deductible waived)
up to $2,000 lifetime maximum per individual
(children & adults)
(deductible waived)
up to $2,000 lifetime maximum per individual

Accessing Benefits

Find a Delta Dental PPO network dentist by visiting

Click: “Find a dentist”

Select: “Delta Dental PPO” as your plan network

Enter: Options for your search such as state and ZIP code, dentist name, practice name, miles (radius) and type of dentist (specialty)

When You Can’t Find a PPO Dentist

The Delta Dental Premier network (Delta’s larger network consisting of nearly 80% of dentist locations nationwide) provides cost-saving features and is the next best option when you can’t find a PPO dentist. While Premier dentists’ contracted fees are often slightly higher than PPO dentists’ fees, Premier dentists will not bill you above their contracted fees, so you still receive cost protection.

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